Occult Witchcraft Hoodie

The Urban Doll

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Occult Witchcraft Hoodie is perfect for chilly evenings. Made of lightweight, knitted poly-cotton blend, very warm and super soft inside. Entire sleeves are covered with huge alchemical symbols print. Oversized hood has WITCHCRAFT printed on it's edge. There is also a Luna print on the righ side of the chest. It has hollow pockets, big hood and pullers on the cuffs and the bottom. Perfect hoodie for everyday use to feel witchy vibes.

Note: Do not order a size by your habits, as no two designers are alike on sizing. Please refer to the size chart for measurements when ordering... 

Size              Bust                        Length                     Sleeve

S-                 37.79in (96cm)         24.40in (62cm)         26.77in (68cm)

M-                39.76in (101cm)       24.80in (63cm)         26.96in (68.5cm)

L-                 42.12in (107cm)        25.19in (64cm)          27.16in (69cm)

XL-              44.48in (113cm)         25.59in (65cm)          27.36in (69.5cm)

2XL-            45.66in (116cm)         26.98in (66cm)          27.55in (70cm)

3XL-            46.85in (119cm)         26.37in (67cm)          27.75in (70.5cm)

4XL-            48.03in (122cm)        26.77in (68cm)          27.95in (71cm)

5XL-            49.21in (125cm)          27.16in (69cm)          28.14in (71.5cm)

Components: Symbols
Item Type: Sweatshirt
Material: Poly-Cotton Blend

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