Unique Fashion and Great Prices Online

Unique Fashion and Great Prices Online

At Urban Doll, we’re proud of our diverse catalog of garments, bags, jewelry and more. We have all sorts of interesting styles and classy fashion wares, from swimwear to sandals to T-shirts to dresses, and on and on.

What we feel is missing from a lot of e-commerce companies is: style.

Too many garment distributors and fashion businesses just put out the same generic types of products, and hope that people click on their shopping cart. That’s not a winning strategy, but it is easy to source stuff that looks like what everybody else has. We didn’t want to go that way – we went in our own direction.

Yes, you can get “deals” online, but choosy customers want more than just a bargain – along with low prices, they want purchases that they’re really going to be excited about when they arrive in a box.

That's what's behind our unique e-commerce store.

For example, check out our T-shirts with really interesting quirky and unique logos and artwork. Derived from lithographs and woodcuts and other sources, these designs are bright and beautiful, and they’re also expressive, which is what we look for in clothing. We think that you do too!

Take a look through our product pages, and you'll see items that can stand their ground alongside the best designer brands. There’s sleek black chic apparel and more – but there's also the ‘novelty’ product, something that you can wear or carry that's unique – it looks unlike anything else.

Some of our shoes, for instance – the gladiator pointed shoe is an interesting example, and so are some of our sandal designs that really show off your feet well. We have dresses that catch the eye – you can see our models wearing them to understand their visual appeal.

Then we also have printed handbags with interesting pictures and designs on the front – go ahead and browse, and let us know what you think. We have stylish modern lines, bags with interesting fixtures and hardware, and a full range of fashions for you to customize your wardrobe.

It's impossible to describe all of our catalog – that's why we put it here in visual form. Get great prices and explore all sorts of buying opportunities you didn't think were available on the web. There's even a clearance section for the thrifty shopper, and urban beauty hair and makeup deals.

Get name brands including Vans, Gucci, Armani, Versace and more, from a trusted and established e-commerce provider that cares about quality. And style – did we mention that?

It's all part of a trendy and sophisticated website that offers you free domestic shipping and an easy checkout experience - so give us a try!

5 Essential Elements of Endless Summer Fashion

5 Essential Elements of Endless Summer Fashion

Summer is here, and that means it's time for a wardrobe change. Part of the fun of seasonal fashion is having an excuse to buy some new cute pieces to add to your closet. Summer fashion is also functional. It's hot outside, and you don't want to be stuck in clothes that make you sweat more than a cold can of soda that's left on the countertop. No matter your personal style, The Urban Doll has items that will fit your needs. Here are the five essential elements of summer fashion that you can get from The Urban Doll.


During the blazing hot days of summer, you should strive for outfit items that help you stay comfortable and remain cool. Sandals are perfect for summer because they’re less restrictive and allow your foot to breathe. Plus, you get to show off your toes, which gives you an excuse to get a pedicure. Keeping your feet in sweaty shoes all day can also produce odor issues when you decide to kick them off at the end of the day. The Urban Doll has a wide selection of sandals that includes something for every situation. We have sandals for the beach and sandals that can be paired with more formal attire.


Even if you live nowhere near a shoreline, everyone needs some beachwear for summer. Spending time in the water is a universal way to stay cool in the summer heat, whether it's at the beach or someone's pool. One of the biggest challenges of summer fashion is finding a swimsuit that matches your style and has a flattering fit. It's also helpful to have a coverall to wear in case you need to run into the store for a moment. The Urban Doll has dozens of beachwear items to give you a new look for the summer. From one-piece suits to micro bikinis, we have everything you need for wet and wild summer fun.

Shorts and Skirts

Summer is a season for shorts and skirts to help you stay cool and look cute in the sun. It’s too hot outside to run around in jeans all day, and there’s nothing wrong with turning a few heads with your sense of fashion. Bottoms can be plain, so it’s helpful to shop for items with attention-grabbing flairs. The Urban Doll has shorts and skirts that will be unique additions to your closet. For example, we have a Lace Up Ripped Denim Shorts in five different colors.


The sun shines brighter in the summer. If you plan on spending time outside, you need sunglasses to help you see, protect your eyes, and make you look good. Sunglasses are also a great way to showcase your personality. Sunglasses come in many different styles, such as pairs that have fun and quirky feel. The Urban Doll has sunglasses for fashionistas who need something unique and eye-catching. Search our store to find unique, one-of-a-kind, designer women's sunglasses.

Tank Tops and Bodysuits

When it’s hot outside, you want to wear as little as possible. Summer is not the time for layers. Women should add items like tank tops and bodysuits to their seasonal wardrobe. Tank tops are perfect for staying cool and showing a little skin. Bodysuits may have a close fit, but they’re made from stretchy materials that breathe. Plus, bodysuits are light, which help you stay comfortable when wearing them. You can find a wide selection of tank tops and bodysuits at The Urban Doll.

No matter what you need to add to your wardrobe, The Urban Doll has what you need. Search our store for great prices on high-end, designer fashion items. Visit our store today to see our collection and to take advantage of exclusive deals and free shipping.

2019 Summer Travel Essentials

2019 Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is fast approaching, and she is packing heat! You’ve secured your vacation days, booked flights and double checked for all-inclusive beverages at the resort. The only thing left to do is pack. Packing can be dreadful if you have no idea what to take and you don’t want to pay an extra fee for the weight of your bags. Don’t overstuff your bags with items you’ll likely never wear, let us handle it. The Urban Doll has the hottest summer essentials for your vacations and summer weekends spent locally.

  1. The Basket Bag Basket bags are high on the list for this Summer’s hottest trends. We’re sure you’re going to get out and sightsee and roam the local markets for goodies to carry home. Our Bali Round Handwoven Rattan Crossbody Purse is effortlessly chic and a great place to keep your phone, cash, and travel SPF. The skinny leather strap gives you a handsfree experience and makes room for extra shopping bags.
  2. The White Dress What's Summer without a white dress? If you’ve received a white party invitation or planning a sunset boat ride with your significant other, you’re sure to be the sparkle in the night. Pair this sexy, sweet and lightweight mini dress with heels and jewelry for evening wear. For a casual look, try nude sandals and a floppy hat. Did we mention it has perfectly placed ruffles?!
  3. The Wide Brim Hat Make a statement and let this hat do the talking for you. The Do Not Disturb Embroidery Straw Hat comes in 6 colors: white, black, khaki, pink, grey, and beige. It’s great for day trips to the beach and downtown shopping.
  4. The Classic One-Piece, The best thing about one-pieces, is their versatility. You can pair them with lightweight trousers or skirts and turn your swimsuit into a cute outfit. If you haven’t already noticed, cherry prints are making a comeback this season. Take classic and trendy to the beach with our Vintage Cherry Pin Up Style Halter Swimsuit.
  5. The Shades Not the palm trees but the classic cat eyes. Available in 6 colors, we've added our flare with laser cut metal frames and colored-mirrored lenses. Everyone deserves a fresh pair of shades, on or off vacation.

The Urban Doll is an online clothing and accessory store that has competitive pricing on a mixture of trendy, sophisticated and contemporary; clothing, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. The best part is we offer FREE standard shipping on all purchases with zero minimum requirements. With tons of inventory and brand names to choose from, whatever you’re looking for, we have it!

7 Of The Season’s Hottest Novelty Bags

7 Of The Season’s Hottest Novelty Bags

It’s no shocker that there are endless amounts of bags to choose from. Between clutches and totes, cross body and backpacks, it can be hard to choose which bag is the best. The one thing all these bags have in common is utility. All these basic bags do is hold your stuff!

While holding your cellphone and touch up makeup might be a bag’s most important feature, but wouldn’t it be great if the bags could be fun too?

That’s where novelty bags come in! From purses shaped like milk cartons, a pack of cigarettes, and even a little red crab, novelty purses are taking over the fashion industry….and for a great reason! Novelty bags are perfect as a statement piece. No matter if you are dressed up or ready for a casual day at the mall, a novelty bag tells your personality.

With novelty bags gaining attention, we thought it might be best to collect our top 7 favorite novelty purses of all time! Take a look at the list below:

  1. Newspaper Clutch- If you want a unique bag, but don’t want to stray too far away from traditional handbag shapes, this newspaper clutch is a great idea! Buy it here now: 
  2. World of Currency Clutch Wallet- Show off your love of your native country or show that you have traveled the world with this one of a kind American, English or European wallet! Take a look here: 
  3. 500 mg Pill Purse – No matter if you are playing a nurse for Halloween or just want to show off your quirky side, this pill purse is a great conversation starter for any party! Buy it now: 
  4. Retro Candy Bar Purse- break me off a piece of that… candy bar! Show you are a true choco-holic with this amazing retro candy bar bag! Order yours here: Retro Candy Bar Purse
  5. IG Camera Cross body Bag- (Novelty, Social Media) – What’s your favorite filter? With this amazing Polaroid camera bag, you won’t ever have to choose! Buy one at the link below: 
  6. Rubik's Cube Purse- taking it back to the 80’s! With this one of a kind Rubik’s cube bag, you will be the talk of any party you go to! But be warned, you might get a ton of questions on where you got this awesome bag! Get one now: 
  7. Pucker Up Lipstick Purse- calling all fashionistas and makeup addicts! This bag is for you! This awesome lipstick purse comes in black or white, so you will never have to be without your one of a kind bag! Take a look at it here: 
  8. Lipstick Purse