7 Of The Season’s Hottest Novelty Bags

7 Of The Season’s Hottest Novelty Bags

It’s no shocker that there are endless amounts of bags to choose from. Between clutches and totes, cross body and backpacks, it can be hard to choose which bag is the best. The one thing all these bags have in common is utility. All these basic bags do is hold your stuff!

While holding your cellphone and touch up makeup might be a bag’s most important feature, but wouldn’t it be great if the bags could be fun too?

That’s where novelty bags come in! From purses shaped like milk cartons, a pack of cigarettes, and even a little red crab, novelty purses are taking over the fashion industry….and for a great reason! Novelty bags are perfect as a statement piece. No matter if you are dressed up or ready for a casual day at the mall, a novelty bag tells your personality.

With novelty bags gaining attention, we thought it might be best to collect our top 7 favorite novelty purses of all time! Take a look at the list below:

  1. Newspaper Clutch- If you want a unique bag, but don’t want to stray too far away from traditional handbag shapes, this newspaper clutch is a great idea! Buy it here now: 
  2. World of Currency Clutch Wallet- Show off your love of your native country or show that you have traveled the world with this one of a kind American, English or European wallet! Take a look here: 
  3. 500 mg Pill Purse – No matter if you are playing a nurse for Halloween or just want to show off your quirky side, this pill purse is a great conversation starter for any party! Buy it now: 
  4. Retro Candy Bar Purse- break me off a piece of that… candy bar! Show you are a true choco-holic with this amazing retro candy bar bag! Order yours here: Retro Candy Bar Purse
  5. IG Camera Cross body Bag- (Novelty, Social Media) – What’s your favorite filter? With this amazing Polaroid camera bag, you won’t ever have to choose! Buy one at the link below: 
  6. Rubik's Cube Purse- taking it back to the 80’s! With this one of a kind Rubik’s cube bag, you will be the talk of any party you go to! But be warned, you might get a ton of questions on where you got this awesome bag! Get one now: 
  7. Pucker Up Lipstick Purse- calling all fashionistas and makeup addicts! This bag is for you! This awesome lipstick purse comes in black or white, so you will never have to be without your one of a kind bag! Take a look at it here: 
  8. Lipstick Purse